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The mission of Move or Improve is to give homeowners the information they need to solve a common dilemma when their home no longer fits their needs: Should I move of should I improve? This is a multi-faceted question, with few easy answers. There are financial, family and emotional factors to consider when making your decision and everyone has different priorities depending on their circumstances. Often, family members in the same household have different priorities!

Maybe a few simple changes will be enough to reinvent or remodel a room and make your house work for you. Maybe you really want to renovate, but it doesn’t make financial sense. Maybe you would prefer to move, but something is holding you back. Or maybe you want to move and you need to maximize your sale price to be able to afford the perfect new house. No matter what the situation is, we can help. We’ll arm you with all the information you need so you can feel confident in your decision.


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Krissy Mok

President & Founder

Move or Improve, LLC


Sciarra|Mok Team

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

My name is Krissy Mok.  I am a successful real estate agent and an avid home improvement hobbyist. While I make my living selling homes, I also love helping people figure out creative solutions to make their current home function better for them.

I first thought of the concept of Move or Improve when faced with my own move or improve dilemma. I took a systematic approach to making the best decision for my family, then found myself guiding several friends though the same process.

The demands we place on our homes continually evolve as we age and the number of household members fluctuates. I realized that if I and so many of my friends had the same problem, maybe I could help come up with a solution.


The Move or Improve Calculator I’ve created will guide you though the same systematic approach that I’ve used with countless people. It will guide you through the emotional aspects of your decision and help you understand the financial ramifications of both decisions. And if you figure out that you can’t or should’t do either, I can help you there too!

Move or Improve? What will you do?

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